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Reliable & Professional Commercial Metal Stud Framing,
Drywall & More

drywall installation

Four Suns Builders, Inc. provides a wide variety of commercial applications throughout the Four Corners area from Division 5 to Division 10, FSBI performs many specific trades for the general contractor including:

05 40 00 Cold Formed Metal Framing

This includes all kinds of metal framed projects. i.e Load bearing wall applications, curtain wall framing, whatever the architect can think of, FSBI can build it.

09 26 000 Gypsum Board Assemblies & 06 16 44 Sheathing

From level 1 fire taping to Clean room level 5, FSBI provides all the various Gypsum board products, installations and finishes that occur on commercial projects. FSBI also provides both Plywood and Gypsum sheathings as specified on any project.

09 24 00 Portland Cement Plaster, 07 24 13 EIFS & 07 27 28 Fluid Applied Membrane Air Barriers

Keeping up with the various new exterior finish systems, FSBI performs all kinds of Stucco & EFIS Products

07 05 00 Thermal Insulation

From FSK Batts to Continuous Insulation Systems including: Closed Cell Spray-Foam insulation. FSBI can accommodate all of your needs.

09 51 00 Acoustical Ceiling

From standard 2x4 grid and tile to wood grill systems, FSBI can accommodate any suspended ceiling system.

09 77 00 FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Panels)

From rest rooms to kitchens, wherever an architect specifies FRP, FSBI can provide the highest quality installations.

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